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Find meaningful answers to your technology outsourcing problems with expert insights from Terence Elumba’s learnings and long business exposure!

One of many companies’ rookie mistakes is this: Getting the closest, most referred company in the market for technology outsourcing services. I believe that each company is its own organism. As such, my technology expertise relies on providing a variety of outsourcing services that take each organization’s intricacies into perspective. Excellence, expertise, and cost effectiveness—these are values which companies should rely on, most especially when it comes to outsourcing essential services. Our team upholds industry standards in creating original plans, software, or designs that suit business requirements and budget.
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I am an expert in business productivity tools, CRM, ERP, programming, website development, online marketing, software engineering, mobile apps, and technology business fields who seeks to empower world-class companies with outsourcing opportunities related to these needs.


2343 S.Azusa Ave.
West Covina, CA 91792
1 909 979 9881
Unit 318 & 320 CebuinIT TBI
3rd Floor Arts and Science Bldg
University of the Philippines
Lahug, Cebu City 6000
032 231 1081

Hobbies & Interests

My hobbies include building start-up, innovating technology, investigating disruptive innovation, White hacking, scuba diving, moon bathing, golf, basketball, and mountain climbing.


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my skills

What I’m best at


My entire career

Work experience

2004 - present
Elumba Technologies
President / CEO
Talent is inspiration. Hard work breeds success. Inspired and hardworking people make the most difference; this is what I firmly believe in. Spanning industries in my work as a leader and technology professional, I have achieved wonders by working smart towards clear goals, alongside notable mentors and competent team members. Values and attitude inspire my career and work performance. • As a leader, it is has always been my duty to advise board members and stakeholders towards level-headed decisions... read more
2013 - present
Pigeon Technology
Main functions as the Chief Technology Officer for the startup site Pigeonmobi.com:Pigeonsocial.com: • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of technology standards, industry trends, emerging technologies, and software development best practices by attending relevant conferences and reading widely (including reading your peers’ blogs!). • Define and communicate company values and standards for acquiring or developing systems, equipment, or software within the company.... read more
2001 - 2003
US Department of Defense
System & Network Contractor
Main functions as a previous contractor for the US Department of Defense (DoD): • Engineering Design I have created network designs based on established architectural standards and best practices, made recommendations based on knowledge of both architectural and network engineering standards for MDACC, and consulted with services that Network Engineering can provide to customers looking for network-based solutions within the institution.... read more

Training & Seminars

Information system Naval hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois United States Department of Navy
The Lean Start up
By Eric Ries
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
CommonWeath Club of California
Stanford University
Harvard Innovation Lab Harvard University

Education & Certification

Aquarius Institute of Computer Science
Computer Information System Management
Computer Information System Management Computer and information systems managersplan, coordinate, and direct... read more
American Academy of Computer Science
Information System Management
Computer Engineering & Information System Management A computer engineer, also called a software engineer, is responsible for developing... read more
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
The MCSE certification focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions, which may include integrating multiple technology... read more
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
For the Next Generation of Information Security Leaders The vendor-neutral CISSP certification is the ideal credential for those with proven deep... read more
Cisco Certified Network Professional
The CCNP Routing and Switching certification validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot... read more


What I do

My engineers and trained staff are adept in the field of software engineering and development. We perform due diligence in conducting in-house researches for every project involved, making sure to perfectly customize each according to client needs.

Above all, we uphold product integrity by following industry standards in creating original designs as opposed to implementing templates pre-made by others.

From inception to release, our software products undergo a comprehensive development and review process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients.

I am an expert in building quality database architecture for business and organizations. I am trusted in the field of data storage and management and am able to scale my architecture depending on the data available. Because of this, I have landed numerous clients in varying industries around the world.

Most importantly, I understand present issues on database security and adapt forward-looking insights when building the database. Upon release, I ensure that my clients are left with an easy-to-use and adaptable interface to control the database programs.

My digital marketing staff is trained and is continuously educated in the large scope of boosting website and brand traffic online. We develop social and online goals that eventually lead to returns in investments for our clients.

We also provide a suite of user-friendly software that can be easily used and distributed within a company's marketing team. All our campaign proposals cover content creation, effective social interactions, transparent reports, and efficient measurements.

Be it for brand exposure, event marketing, or overall web presence, our existing social media marketing software and plans covers the necessary details.

Knowing that today's booming trend leans towards mobile devices and platforms, I have long developed software products and sites that can handle exposure on these screens. I have also developed online tools that enable company or agency employees to work on their design seamlessly and without hassle.

I am adept in building responsive web design and tools that work elegantly across multiple platforms and screens. I pride myself in being forward-looking and advanced in my product offerings and thus look at the mobile trend as one that is here to stay and conquer major industries.

Brevity and speed are essential values when developing health care software products. Given as I am dealing with the lives of a large number of people, I take extra care and research in making sure that my data deliveries run at its best at all possible scenarios.

I have created a number of websites for health care establishments and have only heard gratitude and praise from them. I believe that the trust the industry puts on my products is a big factor by which I deliver my finest.

Large and burgeoning industries need all the logical and automated help they can get. As such, I provide easily manageable and trusted business tools that work across industries.

I have been a leading source of customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and eCommerce platforms for small, medium, and large business globally. These are all created to fit into the specific client's needs and thus contribute to greater productivity.


My latest works

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Chilis Deal

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Pigeon Social

We honed our software, tools, and people for you—and now we’re ready Pigeonsocial is a team...

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Pasalubong.com – Merchants Directory

Pasalubong Merchants Directory - is a state of the art dynamic business directory innovation. We...

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My address

2343 S.Azusa Ave.
West Covina, CA 91792



Unit 318 & 320 CebuinIT TBI

3rd Floor Arts and Science Bldg
University of the Philippines
Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Telephone no: 1 909 979 9881
skype ID: elumbatechnology


Telephone no: 032 239 0381
Telephone no: 032 231 1081 (UP)
Cellphone no: 0932 867 9888 (Sun)
Cellphone no: 0927 615 8860 (Globe)

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