10 Superb Ways Brands are Using Online Videos

Movement is fascinating to the eye. From the slight, scant walk of a kitten to the quick dash of a motorbike, the moving pixels we see bring a sense of gratification that’s hard to look away from. In the digital world, this fascination translates to videos, and now that more devices are unplugged and mobile, we can take videos and the joy they bring everywhere.

Brands are fast adopting to this trend. Top video platform YouTube reports that all the top 100 global brands have run their video ad format TrueView over the past year, and 95% of TrueView advertisers have run campaigns across screens.

Social marketing giant, Facebook, is also leveraging on video content. Just last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Live, a service that allows content creators to run live streaming videos just like in Periscope’s live broadcasts and Snapchat’s Live Stories. Now, anyone can create, share, and broadcast their live videos to their friends and followers.

What Brands Get From Posting Videos

Creating videos may seem too much of a hurdle for companies. However, these days, brands that publish, quick-to-shoot, short form content have been finding their way into the mainstream. Many online services have also sprung to help brands create professional serialized and short form content.

Videos may be an investment, but there are a lot of advantages brands can get out of it.On Facebook, campaigns that include video ads are more likely to drive conversions by 1.3 times.The Aberdeen Group also reports that marketers who use video content hike their revenues by almost half (49%) every year than those who don’t. Majority of video users also find it easier to tie their video marketing efforts to the following marketing initiatives: lead generation or customer acquisition, brand awareness and credibility, thought leadership, sales enablement, and customer interaction and retention.

With these ideas in mind, take a look at the following superb stuff marketers do to take advantage of videos:

#1 Live Streaming Events

Conferences, concerts, awards nights--whatever your event may be, we’re sure setting up a live video feed will help your followers who can’t be there physically get a feel of what you have to offer. Who knows, this might help bump up future attendance or increase your following!

Check out how Adidas used Periscope to live-stream Real Madrid soccer star James Rodriguez’s contract signing deal in 20 seconds:

#2 Embedding Videos on Emails

Video marketing doesn’t always have to be on video upload sites. Throughout the past year, we have seen brands embed their videos on email to get more customers to click on the content, digest, and share them. In the following tutorial, HowTech teaches marketers how to embed a YouTube video on an email:

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#3 Filming customer testimonials

Many brands let their customers do the selling. With videos, it is easier for customers to get a feel of your target market and associate with them. Videos not only build brand recall, they also help boost credibility across many audiences. Here’s a well-written, high-definition customer testimonial citing Barclays as a success story for SalesForce:

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#4 Creating product demos

Product demos, especially in eCommere sites, helps customers imagine the products in all their full-angled, featured glory. Videos can be the final push for your customers to click on the “Buy” button, especially when selling garments, gadgets, and other display items. Take a look at how Amazon integrates videos in its product pages, such as this one of a woman’s fit-and-flare dress.

#5 Featuring influencers and celebrities

Brands have a lot to gain when signing celebrities who share the same values they do. With the help of videos, you can take this further by telling stories that both the celebrity followers and brand followers can relate to. Below, the brand Tide takes advantage of popular Vine celebrity BatDad for its Father’s Day post:

#6 Transforming Videos to Animated GIFs

Is it pronounced \ˈgif\? Or is it \ˈjif\? Either way, the animated graphics interface format (GIF) is a big hit for Internet users as it allows them to easily digest short clips, minus the lag that comes with long videos.

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#7 Uploading to Popular and Fringe Platforms

While it’s great to have quality videos on hand, it wouldn’t really matter if your customers can’t see them. Because of this, brands are taking the time to survey their favorite video platforms, depending on which audience they want to reach. For example, companies would post on Instagram and Tumblr to establish brand and image recall, but will run the full-blown video explanation on Facebook. Fringe platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope are also becoming more popular for their fleeting appeal, which younger generations tend to love.

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#8 Running shorter time frames

What is the optimal length for campaign videos? While this question almost always depends on what type of content you’re posting and where, it appears that posting shorter videos tend to help brands in the long run. For one, the attention span of Internet users are becoming shorter, only allowing for a few minutes at a time. Even if you are posting a long tutorial, it would make sense to cut it up into bite-sized pieces for more social impact. Shorter videos are also faster to produce, especially if you want to capture audiences that are hooked on an event in real time. Check out a sample of a 30-second video TasteMade posts on Facebook:

Cheesecake w/ Oreo Cookie CrustCheesecake w/ Oreo Cookie Crust Full recipe: http://taste.md/1qaeMW3

Posted by Tastemade on Monday, April 11, 2016

#9  Zoning in on relevant keywords

Just like in search engine and social media marketing, video platforms also lift relevant keywords from videos. You can

Watch this interview of video marketing expert Sunny Lenarduzzi mentioning video optimization and other video marketing trends:

#10 Running a consistent channel

As with creating any form of online content, consistency is always key to credibility and trust. Setting expectations for schedule video posts gives your followers something to look forward to. Properly timed branded videos also builds up recall for your brand.

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