When you obtain services (and/or goods) from an offshore expert in place of procurement from internal operations in running intrinsic technological needs valuable to managing your business, there is exceptional gain with regards to improving quality as well as reducing overall cost of operation. This worldwide trend of skill procurement in both local and foreign contracting can provide reasonable financial savings specifically from lower international labor rates for instance.

Outsourcing, in simpler terms, is asking for help from third-party workers who are otherwise specialized, familiar and more capable of certain technological necessities. Not all outsourcing can mean offshoring – you can outsource but not necessarily offshore some tasks. With offshoring, you take the work to be done and hand it over to a foreign contractor in order to influence cost advantages making it advantageous for both the Client Company and outsourced workforce.

Here in the Philippines, we are the beneficiaries of the now popular practice called offshore outsourcing. The country has a considerably large share of the offshore outsourcing market profiting from global revenue together with equally strong leaders in the field such as India, China, Malaysia as well as Brazil and Chile. Through the years, the Philippines has matured into a tough contender in the outsourcing industry. Here are some motivating reasons why it’s more fun to outsource.


Low Labor Costs, Cost-Effectivity

This is arguably the main motivation behind outsourcing for many businesses. A global talent pool of skilled workers at the fraction of the usual cost is made readily available. Oftentimes companies find that delegating work outside of the regular office can come out cheaper in the long run.


Language Diversity

Most countries in Asia, specifically the Philippines, are trained for and prepared for the international language of English retaining client confidence and security. Filipinos are highly competent in English and will have the least problems in effectively communicating with foreign patrons.


Quality Orientation and Reliability

Many outsourcing companies are armed with people specialized in particular areas of the industry. Oftentimes, business don’t have the full in-house expertise to get the job done straight away leading to outsourced responsibilities of products and services of higher quality.


Highly Skilled Workforce

Filipino workers practice a competitive advantage over other players in the international sector with strict training, excellent outsource financing and infrastructure coupled with dedicated human resources for specific tasks. These are most often college educated staff ideally meeting international standards for business functions.


Labor Flexibility

Business needs requiring as short 6 months or as extensive as 6 years will be attended to depending on the Client Company’s contract. Partnering with an offshore company will make labor resource tasks less harrowing.

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