Brand Wars: Creating a Brand that Works for You

If your life depends on how you brand it, how will you sell yourself?

Branding is an important aspect of marketing any product or service. Remember that brands start with your vision and mission. Creating a brand that resonates with customers on a personal level can help ensure that they will patronize your company’s offerings.

Online, there are so many possibilities to build brands that work for your company. This includes the various ways brands can establish their presence in search engines, social media, company websites, emails, forums, and mobile sites.  Given that most of these are available to all, what are the things you need to keep in mind so as to make your brand stand out?

Creating a Brand that Works for You

  • Build a consistent image
    Make sure to establish strong aesthetic markers when building your brand. Stick to a professional logo, naming convention, and color scheme to create brand recall across various online or offline spaces. Create an interesting voice in social media and stick to it.


  • Offer something helpful and fun
    Customers are fond of brands that offer solutions to their problems. Be that brand. Depending on the brand persona you’re creating, you can be the helpful mom, the close friend, the executive figure, or the expert voice. Find avenues where you can offer helpful content to your customers, such as free online guides, discounts, maps, technological tools, interesting content, engaging games, and more.


  • Tap into the community
    Know where your market lies. Online, they can be found in niche forums and sites. Be aware of their online behavior and you will know how you can make your brand visible in the spaces they frequent. Also remember to interact with existing customers, the ones who already follow you in social media and are responding to your email digests and help forums. Find ways to enrich their experience and solder that bond so as to build a community that believes in your brand.


  • Outsmart the competition
    Monitor what other brands are doing or saying and determine how you can turn these into your favor. In industries where providing accurate information is paramount, your brand can be the complete or first source of data. In industries that value advocacy, your brand can be the first to express support for a good cause. In those that put stock in added value, go the extra mile in providing customer support. There are many things you can do when you are inspired with what’s already being done out there.


  • Be relevant
    Know that whatever industry you may be in, change is bound to happen. The world is rapidly moving, and with it, people’s opinion of brands. Never slack off in terms of being relevant and work hard to be on top of your customers’ minds. Test t how varying messages resonate with your customers’ online and offline habits. Find ideas from popular culture, classic industry standards, and other industries to find tactics that stand out.


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