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10 Superb Ways Brands are Using Online Videos

Movement is fascinating to the eye. From the slight, scant walk of a kitten to the quick dash of a motorbike, the moving pixels we see bring a sense of gratification that’s hard to look away from. In the digital world, this fascination translates to videos, and now that more devices are unplugged and mobile,…
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7 Questions To Ask Before Developing New Software

For something that can’t be touched, software comes a close second to air in terms of necessity in this fast-paced world. Our technology has gone beyond the analytical program of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage in the 19th century. We have grown so far that one tap on a sensitive screen and it’s possible to…
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Most startups have small teams and limited resources. Often, employees would have to double up their work so as to accomplish various functions for the company. While this helps employees gain more skills, it can also be counter-productive to their efficiency. It’s a good thing that technology is fast catching up to the needs of…
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