When it all comes down to it, building an app can get quite costly. It will serve you well if it’s a great app despite how much money you shelled out for it. Unfortunately, not all apps yield good returns.

To look for ways to save when building an app, we should first know what kind of work needs to be put in during its development. You need a relatively sizable pool of talent to get your app development moving. Of course it follows that when then are more people involved, it would cost more.

So what are some ways to save when building an app?


  1. Less is more.

When you’re on a budget, you might want to cut down on unnecessary features for your app. Take note of the core features and scrap the rest. This would mean easier tasks for your designers and developers, saving you time and money in the process.


  1. Map it out.

You can create a map (or a wireframe, if you’re familiar with the term) to sketch out the entire user experience of your customers. This clears out any ambiguity when you sit down and talk with your team leading to easier estimates of your budget as well as timelines for the project.


  1. Plan out every move.

The cost of revisions for an app may actually end up more expensive than going forward slowly but surely. It’s okay to play it safe and meticulously plan ahead before you start any heavy coding.


  1. Simplify.

Keep the interface to a minimum. Certain customizations such as elaborate animations or log-in systems may send costs skyrocketing so it’s best to work at a simpler angle. You can do updates later on in the game.


  1. Explore the possibilities of app creation programs.

For the most basic of requirements, one may opt for these types of apps which require less cost to develop. These are usually static apps which follow a straightforward template for displaying information.


  1. Invest in a skilled UX Designer.

In the long run, a UX professional can actually save you time and money during the development phase of your app. When you get a design right the first time, you can shorten the release cycle and in turn start monetizing with an easy to use app to boot.


  1. Focus on a single platform.

You may want to limit your option to a single platform (i.e. Android or iOS) depending on your target market. If you’ve done prior market research, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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