Chilis Deal

We are a company passionate about spreading prosperity that benefits all parties involved in the trade of quality products and services. We seek to maximize wealth across businesses and customers through effective marketing measures that match people’s needs to the merchants that can fill their specific demands.

The Chilis Deal mobile app

In China, the red chili pepper is regarded as a symbol of fortune and wealth. It embodies the Chinese phrase “Zhao Cai Jin Bao,” which wishes wealth and treasure for business.

In Italy, the symbol of a horn modeled after the shape of a chili pepper is usually worn to help protect against the misfortunes cast by someone’s envious “evil eye,” as well as against other unpleasant energies or spirits.

With the use of the red chili pepper symbol, we aim to embody a combination of wealth, prosperity, and protection towards those who use the Chilis Deal app.

In the same way that you can hang chili-shaped amulets in your home or business, you can also bring the convenient mobile Chilis Deal app anywhere and get its promotional benefits. In this day and age, majority of people already own mobile devices. As such, marketing directly to mobile markets is becoming popular to merchants. With Chilis Deal, we aim to have merchants take advantage of the mobile platform, but with an important twist at the right place at the right time.

On a daily basis, a specific product or service sits unused in some far-off and dingy warehouse while those who need them look into generic offline and online markets in vain. We created the Chilis Deal app to minimize this scenario and thus lessen having to waste perfectly fine products, especially edible ones, because they are not properly delivered to the right channel.

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