Elumba Technologies

Talent is inspiration. Hard work breeds success.

Inspired and hardworking people make the most difference; this is what I firmly believe in. Spanning industries in my work as a leader and technology professional, I have achieved wonders by working smart towards clear goals, alongside notable mentors and competent team members.

Values and attitude inspire my career and work performance.

 As a leader, it is has always been my duty to advise board members and stakeholders towards level-headed decisions so as to promote our organization’s mission and advocacies.

• I have built my mind to equip itself with ample information so as to develop a visionary mindset, a trait that have so far pushed me to always look ahead for opportunities for change. As I generate ideas and outcomes, I always ensure that staff and Board have sufficient and up-to-date information as to its possible gains and losses. My mind is open and always on the move

• My past projects have hammered in me a definite sense of accountability, allowing me to create, choose from, and stand up for decisions that significantly affect my stakeholders. While some easily accept being the fall guy, I am the decision-maker who ensures your company wouldn’t need one. Should you need help to formulate policies, plan recommendations to the Board, decide on an operational course of action for your staff, or look for and implement innovative technological solutions, I am your guy.

• I have overseen dozens of organizational projects and departments. As a manager, I have learned how to best allocate human, financial, and physical resources so as to achieve optimal output.

• I recognize leadership, teamwork and excellence. As board developer, I have assisted in the evaluation of board members, supported Board orientation, and am a source of valuable feedback for the selection of high-ranking officers.

Technology is my forte.



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