In the wired world of business, it is important to protect company data and manage it with the strongest of cares. One of the biggest threats to a network security is data theft and unfortunately, it is happening right at this very moment to millions who don’t invest in good, solid and secure systems. A security breach, though frustrating and destructive in its entirety, comes as no surprise these days.

Wherever possible, it is paramount to place limits on potentially vulnerable elements such as traffic, processes and access points as each open and accessible feature on your network security is an opportunity for exploitation by an invader.

So, what are the best practices to enhance network security?

First of all, limit access and activity on a network. Even with encryption, systems most often if not always present a possible workaround. It is best to keep precautions at the maximum level to deter any attackers.

Streamline security. Although security is quite complicated and downright confusing for the majority – many experts in the field even have their work cut out for them – streamlining security procedures and workflow can be an advantageous starting point to creating an improved and protected network. Training employees in properly utilizing existing security features and protocol is proven entirely beneficial. An excellent in-house security culture is always a good idea.

Passwords are serious business. Try to be responsible with creating your passwords. Constant updates and complex password systems must be high on the priority list when creating a secure network.

Handle data with care. Maintain a chain of command when handling sensitive data, if not all data transmitted, disseminated and ultimately collected. When corporate data is stolen, it could mean financial losses of veritable depth and the ultimate demise of a company’s reputation. These days, there have been a high number of data ransom and cyber extortion cases making their rounds in the news however with the proper precautionary measures, these may be avoided altogether.

Buy protection. There are many companies in the market today that provide valuable services such as anti-malware, anti-phishing, and virus protection. Of course the “trial versions” won’t work as good as the real deals so this is an aspect of network security that proves to be a good investment.

When it comes to network security, never take risks. Like we said, better safe than sorry.

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